Ruffnek Boats was founded in 1990 in Harare, Zimbabwe by Mr. Gerry Jooste, an accomplished bass angler and boat designer, and Mr. Carl Hack, experienced boat builder.

The business grew from humble origins, beginning with the building of the Raker X16, Rangler X13, Venom and VX70. Constant improvements to both the deck layouts and their hull designs yielded new ranges.

During 2000 and 2011, the Viper, Renegade, Maverick and Ruzi were born under Jooste's supervision. These have since evolved into the now famous S Versions.

In 2016, Ruffnek Boats relocated to Namibia due to the ongoing economic and political turmoil in Zimbabwe. Namibia was strategically chosen as a manufacturing location due to its easy accessibility to all SADC and SACU member countries.

In July 2019, a new model was launched. The development of the TomCat took 2 years. Its design, developed by Gerry Jooste and Jürgen Geiger, affords the bass angler significantly improved stability in rough waters.

Ruffnek Boats moved its production to Cape Town, South Africa in 2020. The new and improved building facilities will stand the brand in good stead and honour Ruffnek Boat's original business principles, to build the most durable, most advanced and best designed fishing boats in Southern Africa.

We are constantly evolving & improving our products to ensure that we are at the forefront of the tournament scene.